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..Quality Parameters & Utilisation Charts - (Brun 754bc3, gul ffff00)

Pic txt: Personal physical score pattern

Shown on the chart:   

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Physicality utilisation example: ..upcoming a commenting on what each parameter means and their most optimal percent wise utilisation.

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Action Type

..Quality Parameters & Utilisation Charts..

Personal Action Type score pattern

Action Type utilisation example: ..upcoming a commenting on what each parameter means and their most optimal percent wise utilisation.


..Quality Parameters & Utilisation Charts..

Personal Leadership score pattern

Leadership utilisation example: ..upcoming a commenting on what each parameter means and their most optimal percent wise utilisation.

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Background Information

Shown on the charts:   

What you see on the charts is the outcome of a Health Investigating Project. The intention is to visualise any person's uniquely defined physical capacity potential. Only a selected portion of the human dna defined capacity parameters are shown, those that are usually interesting to know about in relation to Sports performance. The chart of any person will naturally show different parameter score values, because each human's capacity is uniquely defined. A low score for a parameter is not an indication of weakness of that parameter, neither that anything is missing. Even when several parameters in the diagram are scoring very low, it simply is the indication that staying more relaxed during one's acts will avoid over-exertion, help minise the risk of injuries or of ending up becoming sick. The combination of the various parameter scores simply indicates that a person is genetically pre-disposed by her's or his body construct to unfold physically within a reasonable range of strain. It depends on how the body genetics define one's type of appropriate energy absorption and usage.

Competition & wellbeing:   

Whether you are a Sports Athlet or not, the intention of this Health Investigating Project is to inspire with knowledge about the potential capacity of your own physical design. If taking the information into consideration during exercising, it can help to better maintain optimal health. For people in general it is not the intention to encourage for comparing one's physical performance up against others. Sports Athletes have chosen to live a life of competing and measuring on themselves to improve their performance, like I did for many years myself, until finding out that I do not have the genetics for the activity levels of Sports. I love Sport and physical exercise, it simply makes me happy to move freely and become technical skillful about it. I just have to be extremely careful to not over-exert my body's physical capacity, as indicated on the charts of this website, which represent my own data. To set the boundaries of the human capacity in the charts, the data of professional athletes are continuously investigated, also, for the reason of having the outcome of the whole Investigation Project stay updated.

Accuracy of the data:   

The data on the charts shown are theoretically calculated. They cannot be considered totally accurate, as they are logical pattern-recognitions based on People Reported Outcomes and scientific studies of the Human Design system. The charts serve as indicators of one’s physical reality. Being aware of the selected parameters on the charts though, can help make it easier to understand how to generally adjust one's level of physical activities more appropriately. With such less strain the body runs more smooth, and one can feel more satisfied because of the greater amount of wellbeing due to better health.

From the wish of you2live in wellbeing

- Jes

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