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Evaluation of Life

Human Design Incarnation Chart

Purpose pg first box

Scope of the analysis:   

The examples below inform what a person can Harvest, when adapting to one's functional framework.

- What everyone harvest is uniquely defined.

Personal Harvest

Functionality Purpose Statement:   

The example person Jeffrey is predisposed to functionally shock those ready to be shocked..

Purpose Analysis:   

..upcoming an explanation to the harvest of living the ICX gates in one's Quarter (upper reds & blue umbrellas).

Background Information

Not foretelling the big WHAT:   

Living the functional framework of the physical design optimally, can lead a person to the sense of living a higher purpose. Utilising the body functions as pre-defined, while experimenting with finding the optimal behavioral pattern, can turn life into a journey of discovering what we truly appreciate during our experiences. Reflecting over the outcomes of the journey inevitably is a catalyser for an evaluation process of what we find valuable, and this makes us re-align our choices and adjust our behavior accordingly. For every new choice there will be new potentials to live and experiment with, and it offers other nuances to "the living for discovering" one's purpose. The free will always makes life an evolving process, relatively to the present level of our body's physical health. The body is designed to make us stay comfortable on our unique pathway of creative discoveries. We are not limited creatively, only biased to a certain mechanical function in order to have the common movement of everything synchronise perfectly on the physical plane.

Truly Finding Your Self:   

No person or any beliefsystem can tell who you really are. The types of analysis on this website point to people's dna defined framework of how they function mechanically. The analysis can inspire for behavioral experimentation, which again can bring wisdom about how to live more authentic as the true Self. Now a days everybody is getting exposed to misleading information and advises from people not knowing who others are, neither how they funtion. On top of that we have this tendency, when looking for true answers, to give away our own true authority to others, trusting that someone else must have the answer - but they don't, and so we end up being mislead and with severe consequences to our health. Citation from the Medical Medium Brain Saver book 1, page 163, by Anthony William: "The emotional centers of our brain can only be pushed so far. When you're sick or suffering enough physically, mentally, or emotionally, a survival mechanism kicks in, a survival mechanism in your brain's emotional centers that has been inside us since the beginning of time. This enough-is-enough strength is inside everyone. It's the moment when you put your foot down. It's the moment when you truly find yourself, when you're working with and aligned with your body. When that time comes, that's when you're reborn. It's the rebirth of finally moving out of mental and emotional pain, moving out of that in-between, and turning your life around."

Health Efforts' Payoff:   

Consciousness is housed differently by each human's unique organism, and how a person perceives the reality of the physical world through the mental mind can, in general terms, be indicated through a human design analysis. The communication between the soul and the mechanically functioning mental mind of the body is translated through an energetic-electric interface of the brain, that which we call the cognition. To live soulfully it therefore is critical to make sure that the brain stays clear in its electrical circuitries through living naturally healthy. The cognition opens up the mechanical function of the physical brain to understand higher frequencies beyond the physical reality. With greater amount of health, the brain can connect to our unique soul, which it has been designed to house. The payoff from health efforts is that the soul can take seat in the brain and learn to look into the world through the mechanical functioning mental mind. Here it learns to decode the brain's interpretation of all the signals of the body's sensory system. If the body is working up against too high levels of friction because of lack of health, the brain can no longer operate naturally and we then loose the opportunity of understanding, and identifying ourselves authentically in, the physical world.

Wishing you a liberated life of wellbeing.

- Jes Pedersen

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