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Function of Life

Human Design Chart

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Scope of the analysis:   

The examples below inform the framework of Functional behavior, which can help a person to live her's or his genetically defined Capacities.

- Everyone's functional framework is unique.

Adapting To Life

Functional Adaptation Example

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Self Care-taking LYD Analysis

Self Care-Taking

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Functional Care-Taking Example

A harvest from the functional adaptation

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Background Information

Tailored Genetic Definition:   

The body’s uniqueness is tailored to meet all the possibilities of life, and to show us how to live into our purpose as we build wisdom in the most gentle and loving ways possible. Taking the knowledge of how the body is genetically pre-disposed to function into one's practical experiment of living, can open for great effectful interactions with the world of our reality. When interacting with the world we reflect over the outcome of our decisions, and end up with important evaluations of what results we truly appreciate or not. During our experimentation the amazing body sensory system helps us to navigate smoothly and hereby we gradually discover what feels good and what does not, relatively to our true nature. Living dynamically in the wave of life between wishes and practical experiences, it reveals that when physical friction starts to disappear; it is the catalyser for greater wellbeing to enter, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Un-authentic Behaviour:   

Un-authentic behavior is not caused by bad thoughts, it is physical. If we are lacking critical healthy brain foods (glucose from fruits and vegetables), the brain will simply start to malfunction and end up with burnout. Obtaining real health through the right nutrition will heal the brain, clear our cognition and make us re-connect to our authentic personality. Citation from the Medical Medium Brain Saver book 1, page 122, by Anthony William: "Brain burnout can bring something out of us that isn't us. It can make us unrecognizeable. You are not even who you are. Brain burnout can bring us to our knees. Make us doubt who we are. Make us doubt if we're a good person or not, make us doubt what we're doing and where we're going in life, doubt our purpose, even doubt our existence. This doesn't make you a weak person. You didn't manifest burnout through your thoughts. It's physical."

Wishing you a liberated life of wellbeing.

- Jes Pedersen

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