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Human Design Chart - Advanced

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Physicality & Consciousness:   

Whether the interest is to have inspiration for understanding one's physical body capacity, how to functionally adapt to it, or to get inspired for evaluating upon one's life experience, everything starts with having a certain amount of health. With health we become capable of unfolding naturally, and from a clear mental mind understand how to optimise our behavioural patterns for adapting to our unique capacity. Through the knowledge on this website it is possible to meet true information about health, and further have an on-the-surface insight into how the body's dna specifies the framework of one's general physical capacity and personality bias.

Fundament of Analysis:   

The analysis presented on this website is derived from the Human Design knowledge, and provide an insight into how the 64 dna start and stop codons define our life form's capacity to absorb and use energy. The start and stop codons are part of our body's dna defined physical nature, which gets its primary vitality from the sun streaming life giving particles into all organisms and all the way down to their cellular level. Living in accordance to the dna condons' definition offers great possibilities of letting go of friction, and instead harmonise with one's true nature to experience wellbeing and a stimulating life.

Birth Data for Analysis:   

The framework of one's potential physical capacity is set at the beginning of the growth period of our fetus. The mechanical physical differentiation from human to human can be interpreted on basis of the energy imprint of the sun's physical neutrino particles feeding the growth process of our fetus (together with healthy nutritions): Our human differentiation can be calculated backwards from the day and time of our birth, back to the time of our very beginning, and reveal the unique physical pattern of the imprinting neutrino particles of that day. This is what is offered; an insight into how the sun's physical particles imprint our physical body's capacity and mental personality bias. For this reason the accurate birth data is required - for providing any analysis of the uniquely designed body construct.

Not Two Are The Same:   

Did you know? Not two plants on earth have the same dna, even if two seeds of the same mother plant drop on ground, they will have differentiated dna definitions. It means that during growth they will interact differently with the field of the neutrino energy of the sun. Though we might not be able to visually distinct two neighbour family plants from each other in the garden, they have differentiated dna definitions. And so it is with humans. Every life organism is unique. Like a seed of a plant drops on ground and gets loaded with vital energy of the sun, so does the human fetus get energetically loaded and develops its unique pattern of living.

The dna is not faulty:   

Nothing is wrong with anybody's dna. A person's RNA, the reactionary physical copy of the dna, could be damaged if the body organism of the egg-mother or the seed-father were contaminated at the time of conception of the new fetus. If the egg or seed were contaminated; it could disturb the natural mutative process of creating the new fetus, with severe health issues to follow at its inception of life. Know however, that with the true knowledge of the Medical Medium Anthony William, it is still possible to heal.

Why Any Analysis?   

Knowing one's body capacity and it's suitable functional framework, offers the possibility of learning how to dance with lighter ease in the wave of life's dualities; between our soulful wishes and the practical experiences of the reality. The creative dance makes us mature and transcend the conditioned machine and homogenised mental thinking. It can liberate one to perceive the world more objectively, and feel initiated to experiment with life in ways that can successfully bring refreshing and valued stimulation.

Information Verification:   

Can this knowledge be trusted?

Wishing you a liberated life of wellbeing.

- Jes Pedersen

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