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Health Guidance

From The Medical Medium


Becoming a liberated joyful being, is totally on the premise of physical health.

Health Covers it all

Physical health clears the entire human health spectra; both physically, mentally and emotionally. As a result of less physical friction due to better health, our cognition opens up for our authenticity to shine through. It is the optimal possibility of meeting experiences of wellbeing through understanding the natural way of living.

4 Steps To Real Health

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- how the organism works

Step 01 - First thing getting out of bed in the morning:

  • Drink 16 ounce of lemon water on an empty stomach before anything else

Lime Water

Step 02 - Wait 20 minutes

  • Prepare and consume 16 ounce of pure celery juice, with nothing added to it

Celery Juice

Step 03 - wait another 20 minutes:

  • Prepare and consume the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Heavy Metal Detox
No Go Foods

Step 04 - generally:

  • Avoid these No Go foods as far possible - defined by the Medical Medium

The content of the above steps 1 - 4 consists of knowledge from the Medical Medium Anthony William. Do seek his books or social media for further details or other true healing information.

Some of the other information on this health page is a rational evaluation of how the body and mind function all together, based on comprehensive practical experimentation with a variety of knowledge.    However, you might notice, everything is covered under the umbrella of the Medical Medium information.

- Jesmicas Thomassen

Information Validity

Avoid environmental conditioning

01_Chimney smokes.jpg
04_Child holding its ears.png


Physical health covers it all

Train the mind for healthy behavior


True knowledge brings real health


Both physical, mental and emotional illness is caused by environmental conditioning of the physical organism.

   When the human electromagnetic form gets exposed to disturbing frequencies of the environment; if we don't have the proper level of the correct healthy nutrition stored in our cellular organism, then it will not be able to protect itself against all the environmental dissonance.   If not taking precautionary measures against all the external un-productive influence; we shall end up victimised over time, left over with severe symptoms and even chronic illness.

If the mind does not know what is correct for the body, the mind can from confusion lock us into thinking patterns forcing the body to live an unhealthy reality, which eventually can make us become chronically ill.

The mind needs true knowledge about the functionality of the human organism, for us to know how to progress toward real health.

   Thankfully humanity is now waking up to such true bio knowledge, provided by The Medical Medium Anthony William.  Over 300 million people are following the protocols of the Medical Medium to preserve both physical, mental & emotional health.

Conditioning Environment

Wishing you a liberated life of wellbeing.

- Jes Pedersen

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