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Human Design Professional Certificates

Background Information

The Project Intention:   

The intention of the Sports & Vitality Investigation Project (SVIP) presented on this website is; to inspire with information about the natural lifestyle and performance levels of athletes, which effectively can preserve real health and vitality. The project helps you as a Sports Athlete seeking to optimise your physical performance level, by informing about your body's prefered training approach. A very important factor to stay competitive is to avoid over-exerting the body's capacity, with injuries, sickness and long down periods to follow. In the long run the project intends to also help parents nurture their children with a healthy development process early on. The project can inspire parents to understand the uniqueness of their children's capacity and needs.

The PRO Project Value:   

The project should be valued for its scientific approach of guiding athletes to an aware prioritised adaptation to their unique body capacity. Performer Reported Outcomes (PRO) shall continually verify the correctness of the investigating project's conclusions and thereby practical relevance.

Information Verification:   

The charts of a person’s analysis are developed on basis of The Human Design System, and is an interpretation of that system with the aim of guiding athletes to their most optimal performance level and vitality. The Human Design knowledge was given from above to the Canadian Robert Allen Krakower (later called Ra Uru Hu) in 1987. Since then, the International Human Design School has been established, and the original standard of the knowledge has been preserved by the rightsholders of Jovian Archive. The Human Design knowledge seems to have proven effective over many years in helping people to live more authentic, in general terms, and relatively to their genetic construct. Just because the knowledge comes from a source above, one does not have to believe in God or share any spiritual convincement to benefit from its guidance. The knowledge is here for any athlete curious to experiment with it. Each individual performer personally verifies what the knowledge brings to their optimisation process.

Results or Philosophy:   

"It is not the thought that counts - it is the act". Acting provides the change, not the thinking about it. - And if the result is disliked, it is always possible to change direction just a little bit by choosing to adjust one's acts. To know what really makes the difference between the unfulfilled and truly stimulating experience; we have to go very disciplined the entire way through the engendered experience of a choice made. Or, how else could we know what causes the dissatisfaction or brings about the wanted change? What information can we feel safe relying upon, when getting inspired for our decision-making? You have to test and verify yourself what actually does work for you. The major conclusion of this Sports & Vitality Investigating Project is; that those people who chose to implement the health knowledge of the Medical Medium Anthony William, are the ones who started to live their most satisfying life experience ever. The highest prioritised 'What-To-Do' recommendation of the project therefore is: Follow the direct link to the Medical Medium on the Health page of this website to get inspired.

From the wish of you2live in wellbeing

- Jes

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