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 Knowing one's genetic body definition can help:

  • Optimise physical athletic performance

  • Preserve good health and vitality

  • Faster restitution from injuries or sickness


The Creative Being

As humans we are a self-reflective and creative species, and our mental personality therefore is not limited to a certain pattern of development. The main evaluation of this Health Investigation Project up till today is: Through out our experimental lifes, we always develop our personally on the premise of the physical body’s present level of health and capability to move and think freely. Our physical construct, the brain included, needs to be healthy in order for the sensoring system and the brain to communicate proporly. The better health, the greater cognitive potential for the brain to facilitate the clear and aware thinking process of the mind. Health hereby offers a developing understanding of how to function optimally and navigate the circumstances of the physical reality in beneficial ways. Our bodyform provides the guarantee that we are kept on the smoothest path in life, if we listen to its needs and provide an effort in getting to real health.

No one has your design, it truly is unique

Genetic Analysis by

Human Design Professional

- Jes Pedersen

From the wish of you2live in wellbeing

- Jes

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