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The Genetic Life

Adapting to Your Body's Capacity

Coming up: A sample of miniature bar and pie charts of the body capacity, as links to their analysis page.

  • Knowing one's body capacity, and adapting to it, can be very helpful when wanting to preserve or rebuild good health.


The Creative Being

The human species is a creative being - it is not limited to stagnation. Only is our construct a physical bias, from which we are helped to orient ourselves in the world and start our journey of expansion.    Through out life, we always develop our consciousness creatively on the premise of the physical body’s present level of health. Our bodyform loves us unconditionally and provides the guarantee that we are purposely kept on the smoothest path, if we listen to its needs and provide an effort in getting to true wellbeing. Our body shows us the relation between our physical construct, the conscious mind and the spiritual interconnectivity of our soul. The total human being is the wonder of unfolding very important parts of this whole entity within the earthly physical realm.

No one has your design, it truly is unique

Genetic Analysis by

Human Design Professional

Jes Pedersen

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